Opening new server - Siera x10!


Opening new server - Siera x10!

Server X1000 Opening

New epic world X1000 Fun reset server with max stats 32767 will be opened on 21.DECEMBER!

[UTC +1, 16.00-UK TIME]
[UTC +8, 22.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 11.00-Argentina]
Check our count-back timer on top of website!

Basic Infos:
Experience Normal/Master/Majestic: x1000
Maxium level: 1050
No Item shop on website!
Soul + luck 100%, Without 75%
Life: 70%
Resets: 400lvl * 2kk zen, Stats burns, free stats: 700, Max stats: 32767

Server1: PVP All maps
Server2: NOPVP All maps

Grand resets: Every 200 resets, reward 2500 Credits + 1000 stat points

Donate system: Server has no webshop has items in X-shop (Buffs, Seals, pets, Lucky items, Craft materials)
Spots: All maps 4-5 mobs, Press TAB to see on mini-map.
Party exp: Regular party 1-5 members 100% Exp!
Set party: 3Bronze: 115% Exp, 4Silver: 120% Exp, 5Gold: 125% Exp!

Guild create lvl: 250, Min request for alliance 10 members, max alliances 3
Post commands: /post 100k 200LVL, /gpost 200k 400lvl
Create all characters from 1 1vl (create DK, SM, or ELF to get access to others)

Events and boss spawns every 1H!
Share event for X1000 Server: Share this video on your timeline (make it public to receive credits) and send your account name in PM, and you will get 250Credits on server opening!

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Currently this is only one server.